Keeping it GREEN!

  • When possible we forgo gasoline, electricity and chemicals.  

  • Instead we use manpower and environmentally friendly solutions.  

It’s not quite as easy nor quite as fast, but it’s a better way to care for your yard.




We are different!

We are not just another lawn care service.  We have a different philosophy and a different attitude.  

  • We focus on relationships.  The relationship between Asheville EcoYard and you. The relationship between our tools and your yard.  The relationship between our service and the environment.  

  • Many lawn care companies are all about the clock. They zip in and try to get out in record time so they might squeeze in as many jobs during the day as possible. 

  • Obviously everyone in this business wants to make a profit, but at Asheville EcoYard we look at it as “making a living” as opposed to “making a profit”.

  • Relationships come before dollars.  

  • We believe if we take care of you and we take care of our environment, then everything else will take care of itself.




We’re here for YOU!

If you need something, ask us. Obviously we aren’t equipped to do everything, but if we can do it, we will.  Our most popular service is mowing lawns, but we are in the business of helping people.  

  • Need something hauled off?

  • Need a fence repaired?  

  • Need a mailbox installed?  

  • Need something painted?  

  • Just ask.  If we can do it, we will!




About the Owner

Greg Toole taught Science and Social Studies at Valley Springs Middle School in Arden for the past ten years.  He has always dreamed of spending his days outdoors and being his own boss.  Because of all the current problems in public schools in North Carolina, he decided this was the perfect time to take the leap of starting his own business.  Greg is passionate about being environmentally friendly and giving great customer service.

Originally from Brevard, Greg now lives in South Asheville with his wife Susan (a reference librarian at AB Tech Community College), 6th grade daughter Laney, and dogs Barkley and Sophie.