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*The rates and times below are estimates for average sized yards.  Pricing can be adjusted for larger or smaller yards.

Free Consultation                                             Free

You can ask any questions and give any special instructions.  There is no obligation.

Eco Mowing (one time service)                             $45

Mowing and trimming using no electricity or gasoline

Eco Mowing Bi-Weekly                                   $40/service

or Eco Mowing Weekly                                         

Standard Mowing (one time service)               $35

Mowing and trimming using electricity or gasoline

Standard Mowing Bi-Weekly                        $30/mow

or Standard Mowing Weekly                               

Edging                                                       $30 (only $10 with lawn service)

Manual edging of driveway, walkways or landscaped areas

Weed Removal                                      $35 (only $20 with lawn service)

Manual removal of weeds from flower beds or landscaped areas

Weed Spraying                                                 $25 ($10 with lawn service)

Proprietary natural weed killer typically used on areas such as driveways and walkways

Landscaping                                                   $35/hour + cost of materials

A variety of services including flower planting, bush trimming, applying mulch, etc.

Shrub Trimming  (small)                                $4/shrub

Trim and prune a small shrub

Shrub Trimming (large)                                 $8/shrub

Trim and prune a large shrub

Leaf Service                                                         $5/bag

Leaves raked and removed

Leaf Blower Service                                            $35

Tree Service                                                        $45

Small to medium trees:  pruning, trimming or cutting down.  *We do not offer stump removal

Gutter Cleanout                         $20/gutter 1 story; $30/gutter  2 story

Remove leaves and debris from your gutters

Trash/Debris Removal                                    $40 + disposal fee

Trash or yard waste removed from your yard

Handyman                                                       $35/hour + cost of materials

A variety of “fixes” around your yard.  This could include fixing/installing mailboxes, fences, garden décor, and more.  Just ask!


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